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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Examination Instructions - Read All
You have selected, and will be examined on the following subjects;

» English Language
» Christian Religious Knowledge (CRK)
» Government
» Literature in English

Full Exam Mode
Total Number of Questions: 250
Total Time Given: 2 hours 45 Minutes
NOTE: If you attempt this exam and your exam suddenly stops or crashes, it is an issue with Opera Mini Browsers. It is unable to cope with large amount of data. SOLUTION: Please use Chrome Browser, UC Browser, Firefox or Any other internet browser on your phone. The issue will be resolved. Goodluck!

CBT Instructions
You will be given 100 questions in English Language and 50 questions on each of the other subjects (a total of 250 questions). The questions will be presented 1 each in series starting with English Language. Once you have answered a question, you will be required to click on "Next" to move to the next question and click "Finish" when you are done with all questions. If at anytime, you can no longer continue, you can click on "Quit Exam" to see your performance analysis.

You will be given 2 hours 45 Minutes to answer all 250 questions and submit. If at any point, you're unable to finish on time, you will be automatically shown the summary of your performance.

Your ranking will be based on a cumulative of all your scores this week and the number of free exams written. The time taken to finish each exam will also be taken into consideration. So you have to keep trying for NEW SET OF FRESH QUESTIONS to gain more points and rise in ranking. Keep trying everytime, everyday and your next exams will be a walk-over for you. To start now, click on the "Start Exam" button below this page...

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In the question below choose the option nearest in meaning to the word(s) or phrase(s) Underlined:
'Marcus bears watching; remarked Emperor Nero.

 A. deserves

 B. needs

 C. favours

 D. enjoys

Choose the option that has a different stress pattern from the other.

 A. secondment

 B. orients

 C. orthopaedic

 D. photographic

In the question below choose the option nearest in meaning to the word(s) or phrase Underlined:
The man insisted on having no strings attached to the agreements

 A. financial obligation

 B. documents

 C. conditions

 D. moral obligations

In the question below choose the word(s) or phrase(s) which best fills(s) the gap(s):
The police report was .... to that of the eye witness

 A. contrary

 B. inconsistent

 C. different

 D. congruent

In the question below choose the word(s) or phrase(s) which best fills the gap(s):
My little daughter has .... sights; hence she now wears glasses

 A. diminutive

 B. blurred

 C. painful

 D. defective