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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

2017 JAMB Result is Out. You can check your JAMB Result online yourself without the use of scratch card. It’s EASY and FREE. 
This is to inform all that candidates that  participated in the Joint Admission and Matriculations Board (JAMB) 2017 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) that they can now check their results online few hours after writing the exam.
To access your 2017 JAMB UTME Results kindly follow the steps outlined below.


Follow the 4 simple steps below to check your 2017 JAMB UTME result online without scratch card i.e. FREE!
  1. Go to JAMB portal at http://www.jamb.org.ng/efacility/.
  2. Login with your Email and Password.
  3. Click on ‘Result Notification’ from the list of services.
  4. Form the drop down, select ‘UTME Examination’ to access your JAMB Mock Exam Score.

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Please note that you will most likely be given questions that are totally different from what your 13th May contemporaries were given. JAMB will not be stupid to repeat questions verbatim. These are just to give you an idea of what to expect. Browse through the questions, pick some key topics and continue your revision.
Also note that these questions were what candidates said they could remember and they could differ from the real questions. This should not replace your revision for your exams.

1. Adeoti

If i can remember vividly,i saw questions as follows
*1110-231base 5
*p=squareroot of RS/T make r the subject.
*find the sum of infinity when 4 and 1/5 are first term and ratio respectively.
*Xsquare -5x-24

2. Elizabeth

For english,the passage was about termite, register was talking bout casualty, for independence,, hu was Vanessa’s best friend? Mr mudorch is mr richardson…….? Vanessa came to Nigeria during the? Civil war.. When she came she first landed at where ? Lagos …tayo’s first two-weeks in oxford was a. Busy and filled with invitations frm friends. B.free nd he met many international students

3. Blossom

Stop scaring others, past questions did come out. sometimes in a changed format but it did come out. do not forget there are over 20 years of past questions with more than 500 questions. 
phy: di electrics, shc, gas laws, capacitance, inductance, resistance, convection, radiation, dimensions of units, motion, pressure… 
chem: solubility, gas laws, organic chemistry, metals and their compounds, oxygen, hydrogen, carbon,water…
bio: organization of life, supporting system, cells, genetics…. 
sorry I couldn’t be of more help. I know I’m supposed to give questions but I doubt the questions are being repeated this jamb. get yourself acquainted with those topics and success shall be yours! 
all the best guys!

4. Adeola

I wrote physics chemistry maths and English.
chem: Use of toluene,the product of decarboxylation of ethanoic acid, the product of dehydration of ethanol , nitrogen is used in chromatography because of what, uses of lead(compounds), electrolysis(about molten NaCl) industrial preparation of hydrogen, what element can be used as an antispectic in homes
Phy:solubility, what wet bulb uses for, read sound wave, learn the lens diagram, learn relative density,what is the first law of motion called (ans inertia) 
Maths:trigonometry, learn formulas, mean deviation permutation, and finally English comprehension(sport), register (corruption) In dependence what does no dogs, no Irish, no coloured means (can’t remember the rest), word like theoretical was given for the diction gnaw and rhyme. And stress on took and tism That is the only one I can remember (note not edited)

5. Izunna

In eco… public and privite corp.,mpc, median, deflation, malthsan theory, scale of preferce..eg nigerian budget is an example of, privitaziation and more is easy bt tricky.
In govt…. federalism, monarchy, types of govt, UN and Ecowas creation /date and purpose, foreign policy, appropriation, citizenship ways of aquireing, pre-hausa /yoruba, richards and lyttson cont.. the similaries,juciary, burea of conduct…. civil service, thats as much as i could remeber it is very easy . for sure

6. Ola

1 :- Simply 2P power 2 S power -3 gpower 0 divided by 3 power -3 P power -3 S
CORRECT ANSWER = 18P power 4 / S power 4
2 :- Find the simple interest on N75000 in 4 years at 5%
3 :- The locus of a point in a rectangle WXYZ which is equidistance from WX and XY is
CORRECT ANSWER = the bisector of angle WXY
4 :- Marks (x) 23456710. Freq (f) 2232231. From the table above, find the means marks.
5 :- Find the variance of 3,4,5,6,5 and 7.
6 :- Find the value of x if |1,4 -1,5| = |1,x 2,5|
7 :- The base in which the operation was performed was
8 :- In how many ways can the letters of the word LOUNGE be arranged?
9 :- In a class of 40 students, 20 play hockey while 23 play tennis, how many students play both hockey and tennis?
10 :- Rationalise 4 / square root 3 + 1.
CORRECT ANSWER = 2 square root 3 – 2
11 :- The difference between 2354 base 7 and 1465 base 7 is
CORRECT ANSWER = (556) base 7
12 :- The inverse of the matrix (4,1 3,1) is
CORRECT ANSWER = (1, -1 -3,4)
13 :- Evaluate 19.06472 – 3.66541 to 2 decimal places.
14 :- Which of the following is a solution of x power2 – 5x + 6 < 0?
CORRECT ANSWER = 2 < x < 3
15 :- Find the value of 0.043 x 2.302 / 0.07 x 3.6 and express in standard form.
CORRECT ANSWER = 3.93 x 10 power -1
16 :- In the diagram above MN,PQ and RS are parallel lines. Whats the value of the angle marked x?
CORRECT ANSWER = 117 degree
17 :- The sum of interior angles of a s hexagon is
CORRECT ANSWER = 720 degree
18 :- Evaluate 5C2 x 4c3
19 :- Find S (4cos2x – 2sin2x)dx
CORRECT ANSWER = 2 sin2x + cos2x + k
20 :- If sinx = a/b, what is sin (90 – x)
21 :- Evaluate 2x/3 – 2x/5 < or = 1/3
CORRECT ANSWER = x < or = 5/4

7. Mesewonrun

Bio: (1) what blood cell fight against disease in d body? (2) what is d least organization? (3) who proposed the law of use and disuse? (4) give an example of a saprophyte (5) example of thallophyta (6) secchi disc is used for measuring wat? (7) what is used for d detection of crime? Chem: (1) ozone is useful as what? (2) convert 17 celcius to kelvin (3) if u want light radiant to enter d roof of a house, wat will u use (4) elements increase in …………… down d period? (5) what element is used in d photographic flashlight? Eng: where did vanessa landed when she travelled to nigeria? (2) who is vanessa friend? (3) mr murcnoh and tayo’s father are wat? (4) who did tayo sat with in d car when going to uncle kayode?

8. Felix

In my government on Saturday,I encountered this question:
In Hausa-Fulani precolonial administration,the emir of Gwandu was in charge of
(a) western part
(b)eastern part

9. Victor

Lol, una wey dey tell them years to read it’s purely ridiculous. This jamb will turn the question like a pivot. For Econs students jamb asked that what is an example of consumption tax? I have never seen that question in economics text book but it came out. My only advice is for the jambites to read what they can and pray to God to lend them questions they can answer. Take it or Leave it. Goodluck!

10. Petrov

Firstly, ah must thank God for a very stupendous exam ah had today. There were no securities at mah centre, d systems respected dmselvs ,except for one or two persons DT complained abt their mouses, d weather was ,initially, intense and unbearable but due to God’s intervention ,it dropped its temperature…God ,indeed, did his part.
Secondly, ah still hvnt got mah head around wah Oloyede had been doing abt squelching malpractices during exam. He made mention of CCTV cameras, soldiers, etc. .at mah centre in Portharcourt, OMG, u wunt beliv wudnt beliv if u were told wah dos invigilators are up to. MALPRACTICE was at its maximum tody, but it was ,dreadfully,different from d ones u HV known abt. The invigilators were strict and stern, but inspire of DAT, dy ,clandestinely, asked us to pay sm amount of money so that we cud gt d maximum score and help from DM. When we asked hw much the offer cud cost us, dey sed 40,000 naira and to mah greatest surprise, sm of d parents DT brought dia children began transferring d money to dia accnt via phone. Ah tot it was a joke but it became serious that many impersonated. At sm other centres, d candidates were asked to pay d sum of 15 000 naira as to gain some help.
Thirdly, some of the questions were repeated but wasn’t up to 6 in each subjects. The questions DT came from d novel(INDEPENDENCE )were so simple DAT sm1 who had read it jxt once wud find it so simple. Don’t give all ur time to d novel as d questions ain’t upto 10. All d maths questions were so superficial and ah enjoyed. It doesn’t require .much solving. for instance, we were asked to differentiate (x^2 – sinx) .. Physics was d worst; less calculations, and more of repeated questions. common dudes, don’t be so hard on ursef.
OK, DATS ALL AH HV GOT FOR U GUYS. thanks for reading

11. Jason

Am J. J, a medical aspirant of uniport. As a science student , of course some of you know what it entails to sit for subjects like chemistry, and physics. In my own case, the system I used writing mine was hitch-free, no freezing and all that. To my surprise, the calculator I was using was even sensitive to just a slight click I make on the mouse. A guy precisely a girl sitting besides me was even in ecstasy mood, writing and yelling in happness, forgetting that’s overconfidence.
I don’t know may be the questions set before her were that simple, or just happy about the hitch-free of the system. In view of these, I’ll advice the rest of you to be moderate in whatever you’re doing. Don’t because this and that’re simple and you think you can do otherwise without having proper insight or proper understanding of those questions. Some of the questions were so cunning that if you’re not that careful, you’ll at the end fail that that question you think is simple.
Guys, this was the ever most Stressful, herculeans and mind-bending exercise I’ve ever experienced. Jamb mean business this year for the serious ones. if you’re not that smart and brilliant, Jamb weren’t meant for you. Smartness and brilliancy are contemporaneously needed to sit for this year’s Jamb. If you’re that type that’s smart and you’re not brilliant, I mean you don’t have something upstairs, believe me, you’ll either score average or below.
To those brilliant ones, if you have that brilliancy and you’re not smart, dear, the reverse is the case. Is either those questions ruine you or you’re ruined by the limited time allocated to you. Imagine, I was still on Biology when I suddenly discovered that the time I was left with was 90mins and some few second , I was answering those questions as if am going to use the whole day, forgetting that I have not less than 120mins.
There, I quickly reajusted my sluggishness and stuck in smartness and started answering those questions as fast as I could. Infact, my English questions was like, I don’t even know where those questions were from. The only question I knew to be repeated was only the word RECALCITRANT, were I was told to give the opposite meaning. The others, was as if it was rained down from Heaven.
The comprehension was so lengthy that I wasn’t able to read to the fullest, sketchly enough I just went Straight to those questions and ………… You know that’s just an assumption. As for that In Dependence, the questions were not that deep, it was just a superficial questions but logical.on getting to chemistry, I was surprised to see many unfamiliar question twisted in many dimensions which I knew I could solve but it required logical reasoning. For this, I’ll advise my fellow science.
Students to emphasise more on Solubility and solution, volumetric analysis, organic chemistry, oxidation and reduction, topics on metals and many more. Stick to those topic, it’ll be of help. Physics wasn’t left out too, bombardstically loaded with unfamiliar calculations, wish I knew it’ll take much of my time. That’s why I emphasised that without this smartness and brilliancy, you’re automatically out of the game.
Questions from topics like power and energy, waves, lenses and so many more were stuck in both as Calculations and theory . My advice is that you guys should start summarizing your note as best as you can because Jamb has meant it to be more strict. THEY MEAN BUSINESS THIS TIME!

12. Oyindamola

physics students read
work, energy & power 
density ,force ,moment and magnitude of force
chemistry… read 
..gas laws,solubility, metals and their compounds

13. Odekunle

If i am to start, on IN DEPENDENCE
1. When Vanessa travelled to Nigeria, she arrived at ???? ans: lagos
2. when did vanessa come to Nigeria
a. after independence
b. during civil war
c. i cant remember
d. i dont know
3. when tayo was travelling to lagos, he sat down @ d back with ?????
a. uncles b. aunts c. father d. mother
I cant remember some questions word for word but i will give the topics
1. find the power when a mass 90kg acts on a vertical height 20m for 2mins
2. conditions for total internal reflection
3. Dispersion of light(definition)
4. Capacitance(calculation)
5. Energy stored in a capacitor(calculation)
1. Electrolysis of KCl
2. graphical representation of charles law
3. Solubility curves.
4. oxidation number
5. naming organic compounds. e.g. ethylbenzene
6. compound with a fishy smell. ans is amine
7. the open structure of glucose has which of the following functional group. Ans is alkanal and alcohol
8. calculation on electrolysis( M=Zit, Q=It, etc)
9. entropy at 0k is ??? 
a. more than 0
b. equal to 0
c. less than 0
d. undefined
10. Which element will give same atomic number as Neon.
ans: Na
1. differentiation
2. surd(simple rationalization)
3. integration(not too complex but somehow tricky)
4. variation.
5. indices
6. inequalities
7. Variance
8. mean
9. how many ways can the word LOUNGE be written
10. combination

14. Oluwaseun

Ques On Independence 1.Why Is Tayo Mum Always Tie Wrapper Round Her Body.A.because she is slender .B.because she is fat. 2.mr murdoch is tayo’s father…..A.neigbour. B.friend.C.business partner. 3.when tayo got to abeirleigh he was welcom by…….A.mr mudoch. B.a male servant.C.mr edward D.a female servant. 4.Vannessa Came To Lagos During D Civil War. 5who Is Vanessa Bestfriend A.Joyce. B.Gita. C.Jane 6.’Darling’ Let Me Take Ur Suitcase Upstair….Darling Here Reffered To…….A.Gita B.Vanessa 7.Vanessa Arrived At Lagos 8.Vanassa Did Nt Inform Tayo Of Her Coming To Nigeria. Dis Al I Can Remember.