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Friday, June 30, 2017

This is a thread for JAMB UTME Candidates taking part in the rescheduled JAMB exam that holds tomorrow July 1st, 2017. This is for you to meet up with other candidates and rub minds concerning tomorrows examination.

 By the way if you are yet to print your rescheduled exam slip, click here for steps on how to print yours Please make sure you are at your various exam centres, at least 30 mins before the time given on your slip. 

Do not forget to take along the necessary items to the examination hall. If you do not know what exactly to take along, check the information we provided on that HERE. After your exam, do not fail to come back to examstriker.co to share your experiences. A news thread will be launched tomorrow for you all to share your experiences.

 Meanwhile, you can go ahead and connect with other candidates writing the exam tomorrow. If there is something you are not clear on, you can put up the question on the comment box to get clarifications. We wish you best of luck!!!
JAMB has enabled the portal for candidates rescheduled for the JAMB exam holding on July 1st, 2017 to print their examination schedule for free.

So if you have been unable to receive an email or print the 
examination schedule via your JAMB profile, you can now do that via the direct portal for printing of JAMB exam slip.

The exam slip will enable you confirm your Exam Centre Venue, Exam Date & Exam Time Schedule.

If you have already reprinted from the email sent from JAMB or from your JAMB profile, you may not need to reprint unless of course you want to re-confirm to be double sure. In that case, you can however, follow the procedure we have outlined below to simply confirm the slip you already have. 

Please note the Printing can only be carried out using a computer system with a Printer attached to it. If you only need to confirm your Exam Slip, then you should NOT USE OPERA MINI.

How to Reprint your UTME Exam Slip via JAMB Portal

1. Visit the official JAMB Portal at this link: and click on the button that says "UTME 2017 Rescheduled Exam Slip". 

If you want to visit the direct Exam Slip Reprinting Portal, then Click Here

If the links above are difficult to reach, then you can try using Internet Explorer Browser or use another network apart from MTN or GLO.

2. On the landing page, Enter your JAMB Registration Number or Email address you used during JAMB registration in the space provided.

3. Click on "Print Examination Slip" to Pop-Up your Exam slip. 

4. You can now hold Hold "ctrl" and press letter "P" on the keyboard (at the same time) to print the slip (that is if your computer system is already connected to a printer).

Ensure you print 2 copies of the UTME Examination Slip in Full Colour. You may be required to submit one at the Exam Hall. The other one, you may keep for reference purpose.

If the portal seems slow, keep trying until you have successfully printed your slip.

If you have any issues, you can always use the comment section to dialog with other Myschoolers, so we can solve your problem.


Saturday, June 24, 2017

This is the past written NECO Government Obj And Theory Questions And Answers. Note that it is not the NECO 2017 Expo Answers. It is just a guide for you to know how to answer the question in the examination hall. Neco Apply changes in the new question paper.

NECO Government Obj Answers



Question 1)
  1. Manifesto:If a political party has a good manifesto this may produce overwhelming support for the party at election
  2. Organisation:well planned organisational structure can produce better chances for a party at electrons
  3. Unity:this can help to brighten the chances of the party at election
  4. Spread of membership:A political party has more chances of victory at polls of followership cut across the society
  5. Adequate funding:A party with enough found can organize the best of campaigns and rallies by engaging the service of an advertising agency for a well produced party

Question 2)
  1. One of the problems facing common wealth is the fact that its member-nations belong to many different other organisations which make them to have divided interest and loyalty to common wealth
  2. Many member-nations of the common wealth as a result of the fact that the head of the organisation is not elected do not recognize and respect the head of the organisation
  3. Member-nations’ military personnel are no longer exclusively trained in british military institutions
  4. The common wealth has no charter like U.N.O and O.A.U and therefore,therefore,there are no formal rules governing it
  5. South Africa’s apartheid policy is still a problem that is threatening to polarize member-nations of the common wealth

Question 3)
  1. Constituencies:The country should be divided into constituencies on equal representations
  2. Independent electoral commission:A body to conduct the election known as electoral commission should be made to be independent and non-partisan
  3. Proper arrangement:The electoral commission should make proper arrangement to compile names of eligible voters
  4. Display list:Voters lists should be publicly displayed for objections and complains that may arise from voters
  5. Security:Adequate security arrangement must be made to create conducive atmosphere during polling day devoid of any form of harassment and intimidation of voters
  6. Adequate materials:All necessary election materials like ballot boxes,paper etc should be made available at the appropriate time to avoid problem of logistics
  7. Result of the election should be as soon as counting is completed

Question 4)
  1. The ogboni was the third organ of government of the old oyo empire.The ogboni or earth cult was a secret society made up of prominent diviners and headed by the oluwo.
  2. One of their constitutional duties was to check the excesses of the oyomesi such as the rejection of an alafin
  3. It was equally the function of the ogboni to mediate between the alaafin and the oyomesi. Also the ogboni performed judicial functions especially in cases involving spilling of blood.
  4. Oluwo as chief “ifa”.Priest controlled ifa oracle which could accept or reject Bashorun’s decision to command’s suicide thus he could check an ambitiuos Bashorun
NECO Government Answer & Questions 2017 Expo | Objective/Theory/Essay

Question 5)
  1. Public trial of the accused person not secret trial.
  2. The press must be free not gagged
  3. Citizens should be granted the right to appeal against any judgment they feel like
  4. There should be no delayed Justice which will lead to denied Justice.
  5. A sovereign parliament will also aid successful operation of the rule of Law

Question 6)

  1. The military strength of Nigeria: The strength of the army,air-force and navy can affect her foreign policy
  2. Historical background: Nigeria was colonised by britain and this co,onial experience can affect her foreign policy
  3. National or domestic interest:this should form the basis of Nigeria’s foreign policy.The interest of the people,their economic and social well being should be promoted.This has the capacity of affecting Nigeria’s foreign policy
  4. Geographical location: Nigeria is located inAfrica and has made it clear that,as we are in Africa,Africa should be the colonization of African continent,supporting the struggle for eradication of apartheid policy in south Africa etc
  5. Public opinion on issues: Opinion of the people on issues of national importance can influence Nigeria’s foreign policy
  6. Government: Nigeria’s foreign policy is also affected by the type of government we have since Nigeria gained independence in 1960,we have had two main types of government i.e civilian and military.The military governments have been associated with amount foreign policy while that of the civilians have been lackadaisical

Question 7)

  1. Political instability: frequent change of govt results in constant changes of top officals ofcivil services like ministers or commissioners,Head of services and possibly the director general and rampant change of policies which affects civil services in Nigeria
  2. Negative attitude to work: civil servants regard their jobs as government work that do not require seriousness
  3. Poor conduction of services: the civil servants do not earn good salaries and they lack many motivational incentives that will make them to work harder and attract highly qualified personnel to the civil service
  4. Bribing and corruption: the effectiveness of the civil services has been slowed down by bribery and corruption to the extent that civil servants fail to perform their official duties as they look forward to bribery before doing their job
  5. Tribalisms: it has become the yardstick for determining who to employ and fire in the nigerian civil services.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

NECO English Language 2017 Questions/Answers | Essay & OBJ (Test of Orals)

As we all know, the date to write the English language examination is drawing very near and students are running up and down looking for where they will access NECO English language questions and answer that they will use as expo and runs. NECO English Language EXPO Questions (June/July 2017) Answers Runs is coming up soon.

On the other hand, the questions is; why are students looking for website that will provide English Language exams? Is it that they do not study very hard for the examination or they want to use it as a guide before the exam? The simple truth here is that most of them use it for malpractice.

Date for English Language Exam.

Wednesday 21st June 2017

  1. Essay & OBJ – English Language – 10am – 12:45pm
  2. Test of Orals – English Language – 1pm – 1:45pm

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  9. NECO English questions and answers Expo

    Furthermore, do not engage in Neco English questions and answer expo because you are putting yourself in serious danger. Your exam paper will be seized when you are caught and this might lead to cancellation of all your NECO subjects. The full exam or NECO result can even be withheld without explanation. You are advised to respect yourself and the NECO examiners that will be posted to your school.
    NECO English Language 2017 Questions/Answers | Essay & OBJ (Test of Orals)

    How to Pass NECO English Language Examination

    You can pass this English Language  2017 Essay & OBJ (Test of Orals) without copying Questions/Answers from the internet. All you have to do is to buy past questions papers and answers from bookshops near you. If you cant afford it, download them online then use the NECO syllabus 2017/18 to study them very well. Solve the questions before the exam date then you will be prepared to write the exam. Enter the exam will confidence and answer all questions that will be asked. Finally, download English Language Answers from your textbooks and notebooks into your head by reading very hard before entering the examination hall. You have been advised accordingly.

    If this article has helped you, please share it now!!!
The National Examinations Council is an examination body in Nigeria that conducts the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination and the General Certificate in Education in June/July and December/January respectively.

NECO Economics Questions

NECO Economics Question and Answers

Keep accessing this page as update will be made in a jiffy
1 a)
Qd =40 – 2 p ; Qs = 10 + 4 p
Qd =40 – 2 p
When P = 1
Qd =40 – 2 ( 1 )
Qd =40 – 2
Qd =38
Qd =40 – 2 p
When P = 3
Qd =40 – 2 ( 3 )
Qd =40 – 6
Qd =34
Qd =40 – 2 p
When P = 5
Qd =40 – 2 ( 5 )
Qd =40 – 10
Qd =30
Qd =40 – 2 p
When P = 7
Qd =40 – 2 ( 7 )
Qd =40 – 14
Qd =26
Qd =40 – 2 p
When P = 9
Qd =40 – 2 ( 9 )
Qd =40 – 18
Qd =22
Qs =10 + 4 p
When P = 1
Qs =10 + 4 (1 )
Qs =10 + 4
Qs =14
Qs =10 + 4 p
When P = 3
Qs =10 + 4 (3 )
Qs =10 + 12
Qs =22
Qs =10 + 4 p
When P = 5
Qs =10 + 4 (5 )
Qs =10 + 20
Qs =30
Qs =10 + 4 p
When P = 7
Qs =10 + 4 (7 )
Qs =10 + 28
Qs =38
Qs =10 + 4 p
When P = 9
Qs =10 + 4 (9 )
Qs =10 + 36
Qs =46
1 b )
Demand and supply schedule
Tabulate Price | Quantity demanded | Quantity supplied
Price ( N): 1 , 3 ,5 ,7 ,9
Quantity demanded: 38 ,34 ,30 ,26 ,22
Quantity Supplied : 14 ,22 ,30 ,38 ,46
1 c)
1 d )
Equilibrum price = N5
A price at which quantity equates quantity supplied
(2 ai )
At Equilibrium , Qs = Qo
30 3 p = 90 – 2 p
3 p 2 p = 90 – 30
5 p = 60
P = 60 / 5 = 12
(2 aii )
QE = Q5 = Qp = 30 3 p
= 30 3 ( 12 ) = 30 36
= 66
(2 b )
(2 c )
i . government policy
ii. price of other commodity
iii . technology
iv . cost of production
v . seasons
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
(3 a )
Production is the creation of good s
for the
satisfaction of human wants . it can
be primary ,
secondary or tertiary
(3 b )
i . what to produce : An entrepreneur
is to observe
and think about whats he needs to
offer the public
as a producer
ii. for whom to produce : an
recognizes the set of people targeted
production and whose product are
sold to
iii . how to produce : An entrepreneur
decides on
the method of production he wants i
. e Labour
intensive or capital intensive
iv . Marketing ; – An entrepreneur
must creates
awareness for his goods
v . Distribution : An entrepreneur
designs how to
distribute his product so that it
reaches the final
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
4 i )
Marginal product is the additional output that a firm brought about as a result of the employment of an additional unit of variable factor
4 ii)
Thd law of diminishing returns states that as sucessive units of a variable factor (e .g . labour or capital ) is applied to a given fixed factor (e .g . land ), output will increase at first but it will get to a point at which the addition of one more unit of the variable factor will result in less additional units of output.
4 iii)
– Proper combination of factors of production -The law of diminishing returns helps the entrepreneur to combine properly the factors of production to prevent watage
– Changes in Scale of production : The law of diminishing returns helps entrepreneurs to change the scale of production throught the variation of the quantities of all input .
– It ensures efficiency – As more and more variable factors are added to a fixed factor , it eventually comes to a profitable level and productivity and efficiency are maintained.
6 a)
Tax may be defined as the act or method of imposing a compulsory levy by the government or its agency on individuals and firms or on goods and services . It is also defined as the compulsory levy imposed by the government or its agency or individuals and firms or on goods and services
6 b )
-Tax evasion : High taxes scare potential payers away
– Failure to fulfil civic responsibilities : Many people do not fufil their civic responsibilities of paying tax as at when due .
-Failure to declare real income : Many workers and corporate bodies , especially those in private firms ,do not declare their real incomes
-Wrong belief of people : Many people think that the money collected is for the tax collectors therefore refuse to pay tax .
-Lack of book of account- Majority of traders and small scale businesses do not keep proper book of account for the purpose of proper tax assessments.
8 )
-Maintainance of external reserves : The central bank is also responsible for the maintainance of external reserves of the country
-Management of national debt : The central bank is responsible for the management of national debt of the country . It also acts as clearing house for other banks
-Foreign exchange transaction: The central bank holds the foreign reserve of a country , and this helps in enforcing foreign exchange control , which is set up to purchase and sell foreign currencies
-External business: The central bank acts as an agent of the country by relating with other countries and international financial institutions like IMF , World Bank,etc.
-Banker to the government : Central bank is an agent and banker to the government. It controls public account, receives revenue on behalf of the government and makes payment from this account.Central bank also obtains loan on behalf of the government .
(7 a )
tabulate between internal trade and
External Trade
Internal Trade
– Trade within a country
– Involves currency
External Trade
– Trade between country
– Involves many currency
(7 b )
(i ) language Barrier – Because
international Trade
involves trade among countries and
vary from one country to another ,
language tends
to limit the extent of international
(ii ) problem of currency : –
International trades
involves a series of currency
conversion since
goods are bought and sold in a
country with its
(iii ) import and export duties : the
imports and
Exports duties paid on goods at
counties of import
and export is a barrier to
international trade
(iv ) Quota : this is the amount of
goods by law that
can be imported to a within a fiscal
gear . This has
limited international trade from
taking place at its
full capacity
(v ) problem of visa : many people who
are willing to
embark on international trade could
not do so
because they could not pet a visa that
them to pet to the intended trade
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
(9 a )
A monopolistic competition is a
market situation
which combines the fundamental
of both pure monopoly and perfect
competition . in
this type of market situation exists
neither pore monopoly nor perfect
exists in isolation and this is a result
of absence
of homogeneity and heterogeneity of
products sold
in both market
(9 b )
(i ) Granter Efficiency : There is a
great efficiency
resulting from an assemblage or pool
specialized managerial skills
(ii ) Centralized Management : There
is effective
and proper central managements
under monopoly
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
(11 a )
Trade by barter can be defined as a
form of
trading in which goods are exchanged
directly for
other goods without the use of money
as a
medium of exchange
(11 b )
Do it yourself
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
(12 a )
National income may be defined as
the ways of
computing or determing the money
value of the
total volume of goods and services
produced or
the total income earned in a given
country over a
period of time , usually a year.
(12 b )
The methods are : –
(i ) Income method
(ii ) Output Method
(iii ) Expenditure Method
– INCOME METHOD : – This is defined
by adding
incomes received by all factores of
production .
The incomes to be added include
earnings profit from enterpreneurs ,
rents on land ,
interest from capitals e .t . c . In order
to avoid
double counting , transfer payments
such as
payment to old people, beggers , e . t. c
are not
included . The income which must be
must be that which arises from the
production of
goods and services .
– OUTPUT METHOD : – This method
measures the
total money value of all goods and
produced in the country in a year . To
avoid double
counting the figures collected on the
basis of
value added i .e the value of output ,
less cost of
input .
method helps in
calculating the total amount spent on
and investment purpose during the
year . Transfer
payment such as pension paid to
refired workers ,
gift to beggers , e . t. c are excluded .

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Monday, June 19, 2017

NECO Commerce Questions and Answers 2017

NECO Commerce Question and Answers

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1-Span of control :can simply be defined as the area of activity and number of functions,
people, or things for which an individual or
organization is responsible.
Organizational size.
Workforce skill level.
Organizational culture.
Manager’s responsibilities.
Some key factors to review when determining the appropriate span of control within an organization include the following:
Organizational size.:
Large organizations tend have a narrow span of control, whereas smaller organizations often have a wider span of control. This difference is usually due to the costs involved with more managers and the financial resources available to an organization. Communication may be slower with narrow spans if it must pass through several of management.
Workforce skill level.:
The complexity or simplicity of the tasks performed by the employees will affect the number of desirable direct reports. Generally, routine tasks involving repetition will require less supervisory control of a manager, allowing a wider span of control, whereas complex tasks or dynamic workplace conditions may be best suited for a narrower span of control, where managers can provide more individualized attention.
Organizational culture.: Organizations need to determine the desired culture when designing their span of control. Flexible workplaces usually have a wider span of control because employees are given more autonomy and flexibility in the production of their work.
Manager’s responsibilities.: Review whether the organizational expectations allow the managers to be effective with the number of direct reports they have, especially related to individual responsibilities, departmental planning and training. For instance, executives often have fewer direct reports than other managers in the organization.

– Trading
– Insurance
– Banking
– Advertistment
– Transportation
– Warehousing
– Tourism
– Provision of employment opportunities : It
offers jobs to a large number of unemployed
like traders , bankers, insurance brokers, tourist
– Exchange of goods and services : It brings about
the exchange of goods and services
– Linkage of buyers and sellers : It helps to bring
together the sellers and buyers through
communication without physical contact
– Raising capital : It helps in the country to raise
capital for capital projects and other financial
– Unity among Nigerians: It fosters unity among
the Nigerians and other Nations as they engage
in trading activities
– Creation of wealth for Nigerians : Commerce
helps to create wealth for Nigerians and other
Nations as duties are charged on goods and
services either exported or imported
i)both international trade and internal trade improve the standard of living
ii)they both create employment opportunity
iii)they both use insurance provison
iv)they both uses warehouses
v)they both uses currency
i)government policy is restricted
ii)trade bamer exised
iii)foreign exchange is used as the term of payment
iv)there is big problem of language difference
v)there is difficultyin the balance of payment trade
i)it is free from government policy
ii)no trade bamer exist
iii)local currency is the term of payment
iv)there is a little problem of language difference
v)there is no problem of balance of payment trade
(i)they have the right to choose between alternatives
(ii)consumers have the right to good things of life
(iii)they have the right to safety
(iv)the consumers also have the right to be heard
(v)they have right to be informed
(i)formation of consumer associations to test whether items are of good quality or not and to make recommedations
(ii)price control measures should be put in place to curb any arbitrary price increases.
(iii)Formation of standard board or quality of every item before allowing its introduction to the market
(iv)there should be an efficient hire purchase act to prevent repossession after 2/3 payment of the purchasing price.
(v)Advertising organisation/board should be setup to censor all adverts before shown on the screens.
(i)pricing:marketing,assisting in fixing price at a level reasonable enogh to give profit to the company.
(ii)transportation:this covers involvement of goods from where they are produced to the point where they are required.
(iii)storage:this make it possible for goods to be produced ahead of demand so that they can be available when needed
(iv)exchange:this cover the purchase of raw materials and goods from so may sources and transfer of ownership of such .
(v)financing:this cover the provision of funds throughtout the period of production to the point of selling through loans and credit facilities

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