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Saturday, June 24, 2017

NECO Government Expo 2017/NECO Government Runs 2017/NECO Government Answers 2017/NECO Government Questions 2017

This is the past written NECO Government Obj And Theory Questions And Answers. Note that it is not the NECO 2017 Expo Answers. It is just a guide for you to know how to answer the question in the examination hall. Neco Apply changes in the new question paper.

NECO Government Obj Answers



Question 1)
  1. Manifesto:If a political party has a good manifesto this may produce overwhelming support for the party at election
  2. Organisation:well planned organisational structure can produce better chances for a party at electrons
  3. Unity:this can help to brighten the chances of the party at election
  4. Spread of membership:A political party has more chances of victory at polls of followership cut across the society
  5. Adequate funding:A party with enough found can organize the best of campaigns and rallies by engaging the service of an advertising agency for a well produced party

Question 2)
  1. One of the problems facing common wealth is the fact that its member-nations belong to many different other organisations which make them to have divided interest and loyalty to common wealth
  2. Many member-nations of the common wealth as a result of the fact that the head of the organisation is not elected do not recognize and respect the head of the organisation
  3. Member-nations’ military personnel are no longer exclusively trained in british military institutions
  4. The common wealth has no charter like U.N.O and O.A.U and therefore,therefore,there are no formal rules governing it
  5. South Africa’s apartheid policy is still a problem that is threatening to polarize member-nations of the common wealth

Question 3)
  1. Constituencies:The country should be divided into constituencies on equal representations
  2. Independent electoral commission:A body to conduct the election known as electoral commission should be made to be independent and non-partisan
  3. Proper arrangement:The electoral commission should make proper arrangement to compile names of eligible voters
  4. Display list:Voters lists should be publicly displayed for objections and complains that may arise from voters
  5. Security:Adequate security arrangement must be made to create conducive atmosphere during polling day devoid of any form of harassment and intimidation of voters
  6. Adequate materials:All necessary election materials like ballot boxes,paper etc should be made available at the appropriate time to avoid problem of logistics
  7. Result of the election should be as soon as counting is completed

Question 4)
  1. The ogboni was the third organ of government of the old oyo empire.The ogboni or earth cult was a secret society made up of prominent diviners and headed by the oluwo.
  2. One of their constitutional duties was to check the excesses of the oyomesi such as the rejection of an alafin
  3. It was equally the function of the ogboni to mediate between the alaafin and the oyomesi. Also the ogboni performed judicial functions especially in cases involving spilling of blood.
  4. Oluwo as chief “ifa”.Priest controlled ifa oracle which could accept or reject Bashorun’s decision to command’s suicide thus he could check an ambitiuos Bashorun
NECO Government Answer & Questions 2017 Expo | Objective/Theory/Essay

Question 5)
  1. Public trial of the accused person not secret trial.
  2. The press must be free not gagged
  3. Citizens should be granted the right to appeal against any judgment they feel like
  4. There should be no delayed Justice which will lead to denied Justice.
  5. A sovereign parliament will also aid successful operation of the rule of Law

Question 6)

  1. The military strength of Nigeria: The strength of the army,air-force and navy can affect her foreign policy
  2. Historical background: Nigeria was colonised by britain and this co,onial experience can affect her foreign policy
  3. National or domestic interest:this should form the basis of Nigeria’s foreign policy.The interest of the people,their economic and social well being should be promoted.This has the capacity of affecting Nigeria’s foreign policy
  4. Geographical location: Nigeria is located inAfrica and has made it clear that,as we are in Africa,Africa should be the colonization of African continent,supporting the struggle for eradication of apartheid policy in south Africa etc
  5. Public opinion on issues: Opinion of the people on issues of national importance can influence Nigeria’s foreign policy
  6. Government: Nigeria’s foreign policy is also affected by the type of government we have since Nigeria gained independence in 1960,we have had two main types of government i.e civilian and military.The military governments have been associated with amount foreign policy while that of the civilians have been lackadaisical

Question 7)

  1. Political instability: frequent change of govt results in constant changes of top officals ofcivil services like ministers or commissioners,Head of services and possibly the director general and rampant change of policies which affects civil services in Nigeria
  2. Negative attitude to work: civil servants regard their jobs as government work that do not require seriousness
  3. Poor conduction of services: the civil servants do not earn good salaries and they lack many motivational incentives that will make them to work harder and attract highly qualified personnel to the civil service
  4. Bribing and corruption: the effectiveness of the civil services has been slowed down by bribery and corruption to the extent that civil servants fail to perform their official duties as they look forward to bribery before doing their job
  5. Tribalisms: it has become the yardstick for determining who to employ and fire in the nigerian civil services.

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